A variety of quartz.
Color ranges from almost clear, yellow to golden brown to burnt amber.
Does not hold and accumulate negative energy, never needs clearing or cleansing.
The "merchants stone".
Second and third chakras.
Emotional balance.
Stimulates the intuitive self.
Root chakra, delivering both comfort and optimism.
Can help one to dispense with the fundamental level of fear.
Happy disposition.
It brightens even the darkest corner of ones perceived reality.
"Laugh without restraint."
An excellent stone for smoothing family or group problems.
Clears the aura.
Stabilizes the emotions, dispels anger.
"Look toward the sunrise".
Freshness of beginnings.
Useful when one wants to slow things down and create a steady pace.
Provides a sense of stability when things are moving along too fast.
Slow down and mellow out.
Increases motivation and promotes physical activity.
Helps to analyze events and steer them in a positive direction.
Inner calm and security.
Makes one less sensitive and more open to constructive criticism.
Helps us to accept the flow of events.
Dispels negative feelings.
Stimulates the intuitive self.
Diminishes self destructive tendencies.

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