My friend Annette came up with this wonderful idea. I love it! She is so incredibly talented in psp. I did the pics below using her tutorial. Give it a try, it is easy!

Annette's Arithmetic/Kalediscope Frame

I love this frame and this effect.

This was my son Marc and a mountain waterfall.

Owen and I on the plane, and Owen in ocean with our friend.

A pic of me, and my office mirrors.

The frames below are from:

Dani's Psp Playground

Brushed Metal Frame

The second Brushed Metal Frame.
As usual, the second is always the best.

Ankhs Designs

Double Shimmer Frame

This is a beautiful frame and the tutorial is well written.

I think my favorite. Although I love them all.

Alica's Place

I love this! And it sure was a challenge.

The Dragonfly's and Hummingbird are also from Alicia's Place.
These were the first tuts I have done in two yrs.
March 8, 2006

My first tube attempt from a scanned image.
I think I will stick with html :) It is easier!

This was my first creation using opacity. I learned a lot just using so many layers.
Once you learn layers it gets easier and easier.
At one point I had about 35 layers going.
I had fun with this one.
October 31, 2005

I finally learned how to do text on a curve, thanks to my friend Raylene.
It was quite easy the way she described it.
July 2006

Text on a Reverse Path
Unfortunately the link no longer is active.
July 2006

Suz's Place

Text On A Path
Working with Vectors is not as bad as I thought.


Karma's Korner

Karma's Korner