Outside the Crown Casino at Southbank.
Those torches went off every hour.

Flemmington Race Course
This is where the Melbourne Cup is raced,
and where Pharlap won his cups.

You can see the stables over to the right side.
Dirt track behind is where they practice.
The grass track in front is where the races are held.

Captain Cooks Cottage

The Fairy Tree
A local artist carved this and then
dedicated it to the children of Melbourne.

After leaving the Vic Markets I thought we were going to the zoo. My friend gave me a surprise. The Flemmington Race Course. No one was about and we just got out of the car and went up into the stands. I was so thrilled to be standing there looking out on the massive track. Seeing the stables. I could almost hear the pounding of horses hooves as they gallop around the track. This was were Pharlap won his Melbourne Cup :) What a lovely surprise! Then it was off to the zoo and later the airport. My time was way too short here. Melbourne is a wonderful city. Far different from Canberra but as large cities go, it is spectacular.
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